Fundraisers pocket over half of donations to Canadian charities…

Nonprofit news roundup

Fundraisers pocket over half of donations to Canadian charities

An investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. found over half the donations to more than 200 Canadian nonprofits are paid out to professional fundraisers to raise more money, despite Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines that say nonprofits should not spend more htan 35 percent of revenue on fundraising, UPI reported Sept. 22 (see Canada fundraising story).

Facebook chief ‘friends’ public schools in Newark, N.J.

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive and a founder of Facebook, is giving $100 million to improve the struggling public schools in Newark, N.J., The New York Times reported Sept. 22 (see Facebook charity story).

Clinton says companies building philanthropy into core strategies

Former President Bill Clinton said at the Clinton Global Initiative that more companies are integrating philanthropic investments into their core strategies and recognizing it boosts business, Reuters reported Sept. 22 (see Clinton summit story).

Duke investments grow 13 percent

Duke University says its investments grew 13 percent in the past year, bringing its endowment to $6.1 billion, up from $4.4 billion a year earlier and exceeding gains at Harvard University, the world’s richest school, and matching returns of a broad group of institutions, Bloomberg reported Sept. 22 (see Duke endowment story).

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