Democrats want IRS to probe big nonprofits’ political spending…

Nonprofit news roundup

Democrats want IRS to probe big nonprofits’ political spending

Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee asked the IRS to look into political spending by big nonprofits to see if anonymous donors are using the groups as improper vehicles or are abusing their tax-exempt status in other ways, The New York Times reported Sept. 29 (see nonprofit lobbying story).

Nearly half of Milwaukee nonprofits grim on fundraising

A new report says nearly half of nonprofit leaders believe the state of philanthropy in the Milwaukee area is getting worse and that nonprofits face one of the toughest fundraising years of the past decade and a half, The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee reported Sept. 29 (see Milwaukee nonprofits story).

Company managing Harvard endowment restructuring some holdings

The head of the company that manages Harvard’s endowment has begun to restructure the school’s real-estate holdings, which lost half their value in the year ended on June 30, 2009, and has been increasing investments in natural resources and timber, moves that helped recoup some losses, with the endowment growing 11 percent to $27.4 billion in the year ended June 30 but still 26 percent below its peak, Bloomberg reported Sept. 28 (see Harvard endowment story).

Indiana University to study use of personal health information

Indiana University is getting $4 million to start a center that will focus on studying the use of personal health information, the Associated Press reported Sept. 28 (see Indiana University story).

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