Dallas United Way to let any charity ask for funds…

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Dallas United Way to let any charity ask for funds

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is letting any charity to apply for money it raises in the annual fund drive it just kicked off, The Dallas Morning News reported Sept. 30 (see United Way story).

Gates, Buffett promote philanthropy among wealthy Chinese

After dining with two-thirds of 50 wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs they invited to talk about philanthropy, billionaire philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffett said more than half of those who showed up offered ideas on how philanthropy should work in China, which is widely reported to trail only the U.S.  in the number of dollar billionaires, The New York Times reported Sept. 30 (see China philanthropy story).

British charity leaders gloomy about finances

The latest Charity Forecast Survey from the National Council of Voluntary Organisations says nearly two-thirds of charity leaders in Britain expect their organization’s financial situation to worsen over the next year, reflecting confidence levels in their organization’s financial situation that are the lowest since the survey began three years ago, Civil Society Media reported Sept. 29 (see nonprofit confidence level).

Omidyar Network has committed over $363 million

Since Omidyar Netwark was launched in 2004 by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam, it has committed over $363 million to for-profit and nonprofit enterprises in microfinance, property rights, consumer internet, and mobile and government transparency that aim to achieve the ultimate network’s outcome — “individual participation that can catalyze economic, social, and political advancement on a global scale,” Fast Company blogger Alice Korngold reported Sept. 29 (see Omidyar story).

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