Giving drops 11% at biggest charities…

Nonprofit news roundup

Giving drops 11% at biggest charities

A survey by the Chronicle of Philanthropy says donations to the 400 biggest U.S. charities fell 11 percent last year, the steepest drop in 20 years, The Associated Press reported Oct. 17 (see big charities story).

Charity application for Facebook raises $11 million

Causes, a for-profit company that lets Facebook users donate money to charities, raised $9 million in new funding and started selling gift cards in supermarkets to generate more online giving, Bloomberg News reported Oct. 18 (see Facebook charity story).

World’s richest man prefers job creation to charity

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man, says the world would benefit more from wealthy people creating jobs than from their doling out philanthropic dollars, The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 15 (see richest man story).

Princeton endowment outperforms Yale, Harvard

The endowment at Princeton University earned nearly 15 percent in the fiscal year ended June 30, outperforming the endowments at Yale and Harvard, The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 15 (see Princeton endowment story).

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