Microsoft giving software to advocacy groups…

Nonprofit news roundup

Microsoft giving software to advocacy groups

Microsoft will give free software licenses to over 500,000 advocacy groups, independent media outlets and other nonprofits in 12 countries with tightly controlled governments, including Russia and China, in an effort to prevent governments from using software piracy inquiries as an excuse to muzzle dissent, The New York Times reported Oct. 16 (see advocacy software story).

University of Nebraska raises $844 million

The University of Nebraska has raised $844 million in its comprehensive campaign to raise $1.2 billion by 2014, the Associated Press reported Oct. 18 (see Nebraska fundraising story).

Repeal of estate tax wins new backers

An effort end the estate tax is attracting new backers in the 2010 mid-term campaign, making permanent repeal a bargaining chip for future debate in Congress over taxes, The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 14 (see estate tax story).

British government urged to do more to boost giving

With over 28 million Britons making charitable donations every year, raising 10.6 billion British pounds, or $17 billion, and the average gift totaling just over 31 pounds per donor per month, or $42.60, a figure that has remained flat increased in real terms over the past five years, the government could do more to encourage giving, The Economist reported Oct. 14 (see government incentives story).

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