Women give much more than men…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Women give much more than men

A new study says women across nearly every income level gave significantly more to charity than men, and nearly twice as much in some cases, the Associated Press reported Oct. 21 (see women giving story).

Billionaire seen influencing public schools’ future

Billionaire philanthropists who make big gifts to education– and not local communities — are shaping the future of school reform efforts in the U.S. and determine which education research projects get funded, a Washington Post columnist wrote on Oct. 19 (see education gifts story).

University of Chicago endowment posts big gain

Investments at the University of Chicago gained 19 percent in the past year, with its endowment valued at $5.54 billion on June 30, up from $5.09 billion a year earlier, and its gain exceeding increases of 8.9 percent at Yale and 11 percent at Harvard, Bloomberg reported Oct. 19 (see Chicago investment story).

Harvard more than tripled cash holdings in downturn

Harvard University, the oldest and wealthiest college in the U.S., more than tripled its cash holdings to $1 billion over two years as it posted record losses during the worldwide financial crisis, Bloomberg reported Oct. 10 (see Harvard investment story).

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