Richest Americans give the most…

Nonprofit news roundup

Richest Americans give the most

A new report say over 98 percent of the wealthiest U.S. households give, with the top 3.1 percent accounting for 60 percent to 75 percent of the $360 billion given to charity last year, The New York Times reported Nov. 10 (see wealthy giving story).

Giving campaign among wealthy spurs debate

The “Giving Pledge,” a commitment by 40 of the wealthiest Americans to donate at least half of their fortunes to charity, or about $600 billion, has not yet visibly generate new major gifts or enlisted additional donors, although it has spurred a debate about whether it will inspire more philanthropy or simply represents a public-relations stunt, The New York Times reported Nov. 10 (see giving pledge story).

Nonprofit job market reviving

After plunging in the depths of the recession, nonprofit employment is on the upswing, The New York Times reported Nov. 10 (see nonprofit jobs story).

Flexible endowments gain popularity

With the sputtering economy and this year’s break from the estate tax hurting charities that count on major lifetime gifts and on bequests, a growing number of charities are pitching virtual or flexible endowments that let donors keep their wealth while alive and still give their causes the same annual cash an actual endowment would generate, The New York Times reported Nov. 10 (see estate tax story).

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