Michigan city asks tax-exempt groups to make donations…

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Michigan city asks tax-exempt groups to make donations

A Michigan city is asking 35 tax-exempt groups, including churches, schools and a hospital, to make donations to the city’s general fund to cover its budget deficit, The New York Times reported Nov. 19 (see city bailout story).

Former Guggenheim director’s pay disclosed

The Guggenheim Foundation says in its 2009 tax return that it paid $816,295 last year to Global Cultural Asset Management, the company of Thomas Krens, its former director, to oversee plans to build a Guggenheim museum in Abu Dhabi, Bloomberg reported Nov. 21 (see Guggenheim pay story). Krens also received a second and final $1 million installment of a $2 million bonus and severance awarded when he resigned foundation director in 2008.

Hershey Trust directors’ compensation ranged up to nearly $500,000

IRS filings who directors of the Hershey Trust, which oversees the Milton Hershey School, make $95,000 to $499,996 a year, based on the responsibility each board member takes on, including committee work, The Patriot-News reported Nov. 21 (see Hershey trust story).

Paul Allen’s foundation giving $9.4 million for research

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, the foundation of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is investing in research teams across the U.S. with three-year grants totaling $9.4 million to advance science and technology, Xconomy.com reported Nov. 22 (see Paul Allen story).

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