Holiday giving expected to total $48 billion

PJ staff report

Nearly three in four adults plan to make donations to charity in the final four to six weeks of the year, with the average gift expected to total $281 and overall giving expected to total $48.4 billion, a new report says.

Online giving likely will grow more than 30 percent from 2009 to over $6 billion, with the average online giving expected to total $378, says the 2010 Annual Holiday Giving Survey, conducted by Edge Research for Convio.

With 74 percent of adults planning to give during the year-end holiday season, six percent of holiday donors plan to give $100 or more, and the average gift for high-dollar donors expected to total $952.

Fifty-five percent of donors plan to spread their giving across two to three organizations, and 23 percent plan to give to four or more groups.

Sixty-five percent of donors plan to give the same amount as last year, and 12 percent plan to give more.

Seventy-two percent plan to give through two or more channels, with 25 percent of high-dollar donors expected to give online, compared to 21 percent of donors overall.

Twenty-seven percent of high-dollar donors expect to give more online than last year, while 10 percent expect to give less online and 62 percent expect their online giving to remain the same.

Because many donors likely will give through multiple channels, donors who give online are expected through all the channels they use to account for a total of $13.7 billion in giving.

Organizations that provide human and social services are expected to receive 50 percent of holiday giving, compared to 45 percent for faith-based organizations, 29 percent for disease and health services, 25 percent for animal welfare, 19 percent for disaster and international relief, 15 percent for education.

Sixty-eight percent of high-dollar donors are likely to support faith-based groups.

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