Few funders make ‘greening’ a priority

PJ staff report

While almost all grantmakers recycle, few have a stated environmental or “greening” policy, says a new study from the Grants Managers Network.

Nine in 10 of the almost 300 grantmakers surveyed say they encourage recycling throughout their organizations, and almost seven in 10 provide incentives designed to reduce employees’ travel, says the report, Beyond the Recycling Bin: Greening Practices of Grantmakers.

But only one in four have greening as a stated goal of the organization, and fewer than two in 20 have a formal environmental or greening policy in place.

“This report is intended to fuel the conversation, provide some practical insights and encourage grantmakers to continue to make the positive changes that collectively position philanthropic organizations as leaders in greening,” Michelle Greanias, executive director of the network, says in a statement.

The most common barrier to greening cited by respondents is that the practice “is not an organizational priority,” while budget constraints and “lack of control over the organization’s environment” were also mentioned.

To rectify this lack of action around greening, the report suggests additional information and tools about green practices be provided to grantmakers and that funders create a forum through which to share with and learn for their peer organizations.

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