Critics question promise of social-network sites to spur giving…

Nonprofit news roundup

Critics question promise of social-network sites to spur giving

With a surge over the past year or so in online intermediaries that say they will help nonprofits raise money and awareness, many nonprofit experts question whether the sites will deliver on their promise, The New York Times reported Dec. 19 (see social networks story).

More mergers and dropped programs expected

Experts expect more nonprofit mergers as charities struggle with a decline in giving and government funding, but also say mergers can be tough to manage and more nonprofits will drop programs to survive, The Charlotte Observer reported Dec. 19 (see nonprofit mergers story).

Business professor calls for rethinking charitable deduction

A charitable gift does not reduce income, so it should not be deducted from a tax on income, but it does reduce a bequest and the estate tax should apply to bequests, Richard H. Thaler, a business professor at the University of Chicago, said in an opinion column Dec. 18 in The New York Times (see charitable deduction story).

Market recovery seen boosting donations

With the performance of the stock market providing the best indicator of how much individuals and companies donate each year, says a charitable experts,. slight economic recovery in 2010 should mean more contributions to nonprofits, The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., reported Dec. 20 (see donations story).

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