Survey finds big charities are most ‘engaged’ with Twitter…

Nonprofit news roundup 

Survey finds big charities are most ‘engaged’ with Twitter

A new survey about the most “engaged” charities and foundations on Twitter, indicating the size of a charity’s following and the degree to which it interacts directly with followers and is talked about by other Twitter users, finds it still is big powerful nonprofits that have the most muscle in social media, CNET News reported Dec. 20 (see charity Twitter story).

Nonprofits an ‘overlooked’ engine of economy

Nonprofits are powerful economic engine, yet too much philanthropic giving is restrictive, with grants and other donations tied to specific programs or services at the expense of providing the flexible funds all organizations need to survive, KathleenEnright, president and CEO of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, wrote in a guest column Dec. 18 in the Oklahoman (see philanthropic giving story).

Gates Foundation retools program to fund global health

Five years after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invited the world’s scientists to submit proposals for tackling the biggest global health problems, an effort that drew 1,600 proposals from which the foundation made $450 million in five-year grants for the top 43,  Bill Gates says he underestimated how long it takes to get a new product from the lab to clinical trials to low-cost manufacturing to acceptance in third-world countries, and the foundation, instead of making more multi-million-dollar grants, now is making hundreds of $100,000 grants, The New York Times reported Dec. 20 (see Gates Foundation story).

Lilly gives $35 million for new pharmacy school

The Lilly Endowment in Indianapolis has given $35 million to Manchester College to help launch a new school of pharmacy in Fort Wayne that aims to open in 2012, The Indianapolis Business Journal reported Dec. 20 (see Lilly gift story).

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