Boston task force wants nonprofits to pay for basic city services…

Nonprofit news roundup

Boston task force wants nonprofits to pay for basic city services

A mayoral task force in Boston has completed a formula to calculate how much nonprofits should pay for basic city services, leaving the challenge of how to get hospitals, universities and museums to pay millions more dollars a year starting in July, The Boston Globe reported Dec. 22 (see nonprofit payments story).

Federal judge orders government pay officials of shuttered Islamic charity

A federal judge ordered the government to pay nearly $2.6 million in lawyers’ fees and damages to officials of a shut-down Islamic charity in Oregon who the judge said were wiretapped without a court order under a surveillance program okayed by President George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks, The New York Times reported Dec. 21 (see Muslim charity story).

Arizona’s land endowment now worth over $3 billion

The value of Arizona’s land endowment, which holds proceeds from the sale of state trust lands and benefits mainly public education, now exceeded $3 billion and has grown by $823 million in the past four years, the Associated Press reported Dec. 21 (see land endowment story).

Doris Buffett giving away her assets one donor and cause at a time

Doris Buffett, founder of the Sunshine Lady Foundation and the sister of  billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett, plans to give away all her assets before she dies and already has given away $120 million, helping out-of-luck people and causes, one at a time, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Dec. 19 (see Doris Buffett story).

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