Online Pepsi fundraising contest again faces manipulation suspicions…

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Online Pepsi fundraising contest again faces manipulation suspicions

Charges that its results are being manipulated are being leveled again at Pepsi Refresh, the online fundraising contest that gives away $20 million to charitable causes and nonprofits, The New York Times reported Jan. 5 (see Pepsi charity story).

Pittsburgh Foundation gets $50 million from estate

The estate of a chemical engineer who lived modestly and quietly accumulated millions through smart investments made after he retired has made a gift of roughly $50 million to the Pittsburgh Foundation, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Jan. 6 (see foundation gift story).

British charity leader calls for charity tax on bank bonuses

The head of a trade group representing 2,000 British charity leaders says Britain should tax bank bonuses and give the proceeds to charities to help cushion them from funding cuts of up to 5 billion pounds, or $7.74 billion over the next two years that will hit elderly and disabled people, Reuters reported Jan. 1 (see British charity story).

Donors urged to be wary of charity phone solicitors

With a new report finding professional solicitors pocket up to $9 of every $10 Massachusetts donors give to charity, with charities other than those intended by the donor sometimes getting the money, donors should treat charities the way they should treat purchases, do their homework, and not donate money only to groups that happen to phone them, a consumer advocate wrote in The Boston Globe Jan. 2 (see charity solicitation story).

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