Public universities depending more on tuition…

Nonprofit news roundup

Public universities depending more on tuition

In most states, tuition payments, not state appropriations, now cover most of the budget at state colleges and universities, a growing dependence on tuition that an experts says has disturbing implications for access to higher education, The New York Times reported Jan. 24 (see public universities story).

Conservative lawmakers call for ending arts funding

A group of conservative Republicans known as the Republican Study Committee unveiled a plan to eliminate federal funding for arts, The Huffington Post reported Jan. 21 (see arts funding story).

Male nonprofit CEOs earn more than female CEOs

An analysis of the tax returns filed by 131 of leading nonprofits in North Jersey shows the typical compensation package for male CEOs is about $40,000 more a year than for female female CEOs, The Record in Hackensack reported Jan. 23 (see gender salary gap story).

Watchdog says Justice Thomas did not disclose wife’s nonprofit income

Watchdog group Common Cause says Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas failed to report his wife’s income from conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation on financial disclosure forms for at least five years, the Los Angeles Times reported Jan. 22 (see Justice Thomas story).

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