With financial rebound, Wall Street giving more to charity…

Nonprofit news roundup 

With financial rebound, Wall Street giving more to charity

In the wake of the global financial crisis that began in fall 2008, charities in New York City struggled to raise money, particularly on Wall Street, which accounts for roughly 35 percent of pay in the city, but now, with banks profitable again, charities are seeing an increase in giving, Reuters reported Jan. 24 (see Wall Street giving story).

New website limits individual donations to $1 a day

A new website, Philanthroper, lists a new charity every day, promises 99 percent of money donors give online goes to that charity, and limits individual donations to $1 a day, with the idea being that donors ultimately will give more overall and can learn about many worthy causes, MSNBC reported Jan. 24 (see online giving story).

New York nonprofits look to other states for tax-exempt bonds

With the expiration of law that let New York industrial development agencies issue tax-exempt bonds on behalf of nonprofits looking for funds to new facilities and other projects, nonprofits in the state are looking to other states for help in issuing tax-exempt bonds, The New York Times reported Jan. 24 (see nonprofit bonds story).

Thomas says he inadvertently failed to disclose wife’s nonprofit income

Facing criticism from liberal critics, Justice Clarence Thomas of the U.S. Supreme Court conceded in filings released Monday that he inadvertently failed¬† to make the disclosure, required by law, of his wife’s past employment at a conservative nonprofit policy group, The New York Times reported Jan. 24 (see Justice Thomas story).

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