Teach for America getting $100 million endowment…

Nonprofit news roundup

Teach for America getting $100 million endowment

Philanthropist Eli Broad and three other donors pledged a total of $100 million for an endowment to make Teach for America a permanent teacher-training program, the Los Angeles Times reported Jan. 27 (see Teach for America story).

Pittsburgh nonprofits give smallest pay raises since 2002

A poll of Pittsburgh-area nonprofits found employees last year received the smallest rise in salaries since the survey started in 2002, with the average nonprofit worker making 2.5 percent more in 2010 than in 2008, when they made 3 percent more than in 2006, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Jan. 29 (see nonprofit pay story).

Philanthropic gap seen in addressing neediest populations

While philanthropy has progressed over the past 100 years through innovation and sophisticated thinking, and contemporary philanthropists are more aware than ever with social injustice, philanthropy still has a long way to go to respond to the neediest populations, a philanthropic adviser writes in a column in Forbes on Jan. 27 (see philanthropy story).

Newport jazz and folk festivals turning nonprofit

The founder of the jazz and folk festivals in Newport, R.I., is turning them into a nonprofit so the events he has produced for six decades will continue, The Washington Post reported Dec. 25 (see music festivals story).

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