For-profit hospice admissions may hurt nonprofit hospices, study says…

Nonprofit news roundup

For-profit hospice admissions may hurt nonprofit hospices, study says

A new study says for-profit hospices, by choosing patients who are likely to stay longer, rely on less skilled care and so cost less, may be leaving nonprofit hospices overburdened with patients who cost more to take care of, Reuters reported Feb. 2 (see Hospice story).

Anti-abortion group video suggests Planned Parenthood advised sex trafficker

An anti-abortion group released an undercover video on Tuesday that seems to show a clinic manager for Planned Parenthood advising a sex trafficker how to get medical care for prostitutes as young as age 14, The New York Times reported Feb. 1 (see Planned Parenthood story).

Giving to Indiana University grow by one-third

Charitable contributions to Indiana University grew nearly $343 million last year, or over one-third, putting the school back in the ranks of the 20 schools in the U.S. receiving the most gifts, the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., reported Feb. 2 (see Indiana endowment story).

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