Minnesotans expected to transfer $48 million between generations…

Nonprofit news roundup

Minnesotans expected to transfer $48 billion between generations A new “Minnesota Generational Transfer of Wealth Study” sponsored by several state foundations estimates $48 billion will be transferred between generations in Minnesota over the next 20 years, The Star Tribune in Minneapolis reported Feb. 12 (see wealth transfer story).

NEA chief’s talk of too many theaters is creating buzz for the arts

Blunt talk by the chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts that the U.S. has too many theaters has generated anger, concern and support, as well as powerful buzz in a field that rarely is the focus of public debate, The Washington Post reported Feb. 13 (see arts buzz story).

Americans see transportation as high priority but don’t want to pay more

A new poll commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation, which has funded a $66 million transportation initiative, finds the upkeep of roads, bridges and transit systems is a high priority for an overwhelming margin of Americans, but that by an greater margin Americans don’t want to pay more for it, according to a survey that will be released this week, The Washington Post reported Feb. 13 (see transportation funding story).

Rhode Island Foundation has record grantmaking year

The Rhode Island Foundation distributed $29.2 million in grants to 1,300 nonprofits in 2010, the philanthropy’s biggest grantmaking year in its 95-year history, The Providence Journal reported Feb. 13 (see foundation growth story).

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