Nonprofit ethics tools launched online

Nonprofit ethics
Nonprofit ethics

A new set of online tools and information now is available to help nonprofits conduct business in an open, transparent and ethical manner.

The Resource Center for Good Governance and Ethical Practice, launched by Independent Sector, contains over 250 model policies, research papers and other resources, most of which are free.

The information in the Resource Center is based on a report, “Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide for Charities and Foundation,” that was developed in 2007 by the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector with input from thousands of nonprofits and foundations across the U.S.

“Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations have a responsibility to themselves, donors, the populations they serve and the greater public to hold themselves accountable and operate to the highest ethical standards,” Diana Aviv, president and CEO of Independent Sector, says in a statement.

The new website contains information on governance practices, including board responsibilities, board diversity and CEO compensation.

A section on legal compliance delves into conflict-of-interest policies, whistleblower policies, and laws and regulations governing the sector.

Fundraising ethics is addressed through entries on topics that include donor intent, gift-acceptance policies and fundraiser compensation.

And the section on financial oversight contains information about travel and expense policies, resource allocation, and loans to directors and officers.

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