Racial, gender gaps at Florida nonprofits

Nonprofit diversity gap
Nonprofit diversity gap

At nonprofits in Central Florida, minorities are under-represented among top executives while salaries of male CEOs exceed those of women, a new study says.

Only 7 percent of CEOs or executive directors are non-Caucasian, while 38 percent of the overall population is African-American or Latino, says the 2011 Nonprofit Compensation and Benefit Report by the Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center at Rollins College in Winter Park.

The study, published every two years, looked at the compensation, benefits and employment practices over 150 nonprofits in a section that employs over 14,700 people in the region.

The average annual compensation for CEOs and executive directors was $96,621 for men compared to $83,406 for women, says the study, which included data on over 9,000 individuals salaries for 134 job titles.

Whole more of the surveyed CEOs and executive directors are women, men hold more of CEO and executive-director positions at the largest nonprofits, the study says.

In 2011, compared to the Center’s last study in 2009, salaries have grown 3.2 percent for CEOs and executive directors, to $96,621 from $93,939; 8.7 percent for chief operating officers and associate directors, to $95,522 from $87,897; 2 percent for chief financial officers, to $92,711 from $90,897; and 7.2 percent for development directors, to $77,556 from $72,323.

The study attributes part of the increases, particularly for CEOs and executive directors, and for chief operating officers and associate directors, to the increase in the number of big nonprofits participating in the 2011 survey.

Eighty-nine percent of nonprofits surveyed offer some level of medical insurance to full-time employees, but the share of premiums covered by employers generally has declined from 2009.

And the share of nonprofits offering some type of retirement benefit has declined to 61 percent from 68 percent in 2009.

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