Giving online increases

Online giving
Online giving

Online giving, excluding donations for disaster relief, grew 17 percent in 2011 to $138 million from the previous year for all 1.6 million donations processed by Network for Good for over 40,000 charities, a new report says.

In just over 10 years of operation, Network for Good says, it has processed over $625 million in funds for over 83,000 charities.

Dollars given through charity websites grew 10 percent and accounted for 65 percent of all donations through Network for Good in 2011.

Donations through charities’ branded donation pages, or those that are integrated with the charity’s own website, grew 11 percent, with the average size of those gifts growing 4 percent to $128.

Donations through charities’ generic donation pages, or those that do not visually match the charity’s website but go to a checkout process branded by Network for Good, grew 5 percent, with the average size of those gifts growing 2 percent to $107.

A typical charity with a branded donation page received five times more donations and raised nearly $15,000 more on average than a typical charity with a generic donation page.

Giving through portals, or sites that let donors search and support any charity registered with the IRS, grew 9 percent, with the average gift growing 23 percent to $125.

Including disaster donations, portal giving grew 15 percent.

And social giving, or giving through social networks that enable donors to give to many charities and often to fundraise among friends and family, represented 15 percent of all donations through Network for Good, up from 10 percent in 2009 and virtually zero before 2008.

The average gift size for social giving grew 27 percent to $51.

Roughly one-third of annual giving through the Network for Good giving system occurred in December alone, and over 10 percent of donation dollars were given in the last three days of the year.

In December 2011, roughly 13 percent more dollars were contributed to charities through Network for Good than in December 2010.

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