Philanthropy Journal Transitions

In order to ensure the Philanthropy Journal can continue its important mission of providing an independent voice as a champion for nonprofits and their supporters, the journal has undergone some necessary changes.  What has not changed is our commitment to delivering news, information, and resources about charitable giving, fundraising, management, leadership, marketing and communications.    

Based on a thorough review of outcomes, operations, financial trends, and other projections, we have determined the need to reconfigure the journal to further advance its mission, pursue more collaborative initiatives, and to make it economically sustainable. We are committed to sharing information, resources, and research of interest to the nonprofit community and we are pursuing a model to allow us to continue to do so in these challenging economic times.

Former PJ editor Todd Cohen has left the journal.  We value and appreciate his contributions.  Later this month, we plan to announce the appointments of a managing editor and creative director who will implement new features and partnerships to serve our constituents.

Our transition team includes Brenda Summers, Emily Holder and Susan Katz.  Brenda is helping us work through the demands of running the journal through our transition.  You may have noticed she authored some of our latest articles.  Emily is a recent graduate of our nonprofit studies minor here at North Carolina State University.  She is managing our website and also writing articles, including our weekly NC News Bits. She is eager to get your press releases about new programs, achievements, and developments.  Susan is an NC State University English Professor who is helping to edit articles.  

We are grateful for your support and readership.  We look forward to providing you with resources and insights to help you serve your communities. In the coming weeks, watch this space for more details about our plans.  If you have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Mary Tschirhart

Director, Institute for Nonprofits

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