A Soundtrack for Service

Eileen Hannan

Throughout history, songs have inspired generations to act and defined social movements. To continue on the trend of top ten lists, below are the beginnings of a soundtrack for service.

  1. Give a Little Bit– Goo Goo Dolls (original by Supertramp)
  2. Times they are a-Changin’– Bob Dylan
  3. Right Now– Van Halen
  4. Mercy Me– Marvin Gaye
  5. Pride– U2
  6. Times Like These– Foo Fighters
  7. Man in the Mirror– Michael Jackson
  8. The Rising – Bruce Springsteen
  9. Redemption Song – Bob Marley
  10. Where is the Love?– Black Eyed Peas

Please tell other Philanthropy Journal readers what song(s) inspire you to serve by tweeting the song name to @phijo or posting a comment below.

Eileen Hannan is program coordinator at the Institute for Nonprofit Research, Education and Engagement and advisor for the undergraduate minor in Nonprofit Studies at North Carolina State University. To learn more about the minor, go here

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