New Announcements: Products and Services announced a partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) that will give Bubble Safari players the opportunity to purchase exclusive in-game starter packs – toting bundles of in-game Safari Cash, Coins and Power Ups – where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the WCS.

EffectiveUI, Inc., a leading user experience (UX) agency, shared that it partnered with Water for People, an international nonprofit that aims to bring safe water and sanitation systems to everyone worldwide, to create the Re-imagine Reporting platform. The new reporting platform, which will be available in early 2013, is a way for philanthropic organizations to manage data and prove their efficacy to their stakeholders.

Endeavor announced that it launched an interactive dashboard, developed in partnership with SAP, which displays data from Endeavor’s portfolio of high-impact entrepreneurs. The dashboard is a way for the public to gain insight into the financial, employment and social impact of Endeavor entrepreneurs compared to their industry counterparts across various regions. The focus of the dashboard is on making the performance of entrepreneurs as transparent as possible.

Metafile, creator of fundraising software solution ResultsPlus, released its latest version, ResultsPlus 11. The new product is intended to empower nonprofit organizations to build crucial personal relationships with existing and potential donors. 

Heller Consulting – a consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations streamline their operations and maximize their use of software for fundraising and mission management -announced that it created a new resource for the nonprofit sector called The Connected Cause an online community for sharing information about how nonprofits are using technology to connect with their supporters and deliver on their mission.

Reeher LLC, a developer of cutting-edge software services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of higher education fundraising efforts, launched an iPhone app to connect higher education development executives, managers and gift officers with detailed information about their prospects, updated nightly from their donor database.

Novamedia announced the Fall premier of Gramble, a cross-platform social-gaming tool, for all web-enabled devices. Gramble’s ‘Gaming for Good’ platform is designed to leverage the popularity of social gaming and generate funding for charities through micro-donations with every in-game micro-transaction. announced that its global crowdfunding website for medical treatments is now open to the public. allows people to fund a medical treatment for an individual who would otherwise lack access to necessary care.

Enliken announces a new tool.  Enliken shows you a copy of information being collected about you, allows you to take out the parts you don’t want included, and then packages the rest for sale.  It donates a portion of the proceeds of the sale to charity.

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