New Announcements: Information on Products and Services Drawn from Press Releases

Savvy Source announced the national launch of its innovative new school fundraising program, It’s like Groupon for education; giving moms, dads, PTAs and PTOs a new online platform to partner with local businesses and raise money. It’s a way to help generate funding for a child’s school in need.

Clarity Group and The Futures Company are bringing U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR market research to the nonprofit world. Through the new CLEARview suite of products, nonprofits now can understand the attitudes and motivations of consumers using a survey of American adults and their values.

SoFit is a new social fitness app that gives people the motivation to stay fit through social connections and rewards while raising money for their favorite cause.  Major charities that raise funds through walks/runs can partner with SoFit to manage their events. Free on Apple and Android platforms, the SoFit app gives people the motivation to stay active through social connections, social competitions, rewards and charitable donations. SoFit keeps track of miles and funds raised which are then passed through to the appropriate charity.

Click & Pledge, a software developer and payment processor for the nonprofit industry, announced its mobile payment application and mobile credit card reader, the Swiper 1TM. Swiper 1 enables merchants or nonprofits to accept secure credit card payments directly from their mobile devices and integrate with Salesforce CRM applications. Payments records will be updated in real time eliminating manual entries. and the CooperateUSA app are free resources developed by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) in partnership with Co-operatives UK and National Cooperative Bank (NCB) to provide access to 29,000 US cooperatives in a variety of industries, including credit unions and financial service, grocery and consumer goods, healthcare, childcare, housing, transportation, utilities and more. The CooperateUSA mobile app is free and compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, offering a variety of features.

Good Karma Now announced the launch of the first smartphone giving service that lets givers make gifts to participating nonprofit organizations by scanning special QR codes. The service works when a giver uses the Good Karma Now iPhoneTM app (or a general purpose QR code scanner on other smartphones) to scan the unique QR code provided by Good Karma Now to the nonprofit. With a few taps on their phone, a gift can be on its way to the participating organization from the giver’s PayPal account to the nonprofit’s PayPal account.

Qgiv, a company focused on online and mobile donations, launched the Qgiv Kiosk, an iPad-based donation kiosk.  The Qgiv Kiosk enables charitable organizations to increase in-person and online donation rates by providing a complete self-service experience for donors. The Qgiv Kiosk provides philanthropic organizations with an intuitive, onsite, self-service solution to reach a card-only donor base. In addition, the kiosk integrates with an organization’s existing website, providing a pathway to register new donors at the point of contact.

Social Impact is the first GPS-based social enterprise finder. It’s a free app that works on iPhones and iPads, and is for those customers who want their purchasing to reflect the change they want to see in the world.  Many of the businesses in the app are nonprofit restaurants, coffee shops, catering services, bakeries, and ice cream stores, each of which creates local social impact from every dollar that gets spent.  While the database is still growing, it already includes nearly 1000 listings, including roughly a dozen in North Carolina.

GIVINGtrax, a giving marketplace for collaborative and transparent philanthropy, launched the beta of their cloud-based marketplace which unites businesses and non-profits with employees and customers, to enhance the ease and impact of charitable giving. GIVINGtrax’s technology taps into $400 billion in advertising &  marketing by connecting businesses, employees, and customers via social media. Businesses can manage their own giving, while encouraging matching gifts from employees and customers.

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