Move to Hunt Library creates new outreach opportunities

Jill Warren Lucas

This space is usually dedicated to news about our nonprofit partners, but Philanthropy Journal is making news of its own.

Last week, I joined the staff as Managing Editor. And on Friday, the Institute for Nonprofit Research, Engagement and Education (INPREE) will relocate to our new home in the James B.  Hunt Library. The move will temporarily interrupt office functions, but we trust it will not pose a major inconvenience.

We are deeply grateful to N.C. State University Chancellor Randy Woodson and College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Jeff Braden for making this space available for our use.  With well-equipped conference rooms, facilities for events and convenient visitor parking, it will be easier for our nonprofit partners to meet us on campus.

Since we are not hosting any events right away, please consider this your invitation to a sort of virtual housewarming party. Our gift to you is a pledge to reshape Philanthropy Journal to be an effective forum for nonprofit news, practical research reports, opinions and other resources to help strengthen nonprofits.

In case you’d like to get us a little something in return, here are a few items on our wish list:

  • Post your comments to PJ content that affects you. In order to identify and boost coverage of topics that readers find most useful and interesting, we need to hear from you.
  • If your nonprofit wants to submit story ideas or news tips, or your leaders would like to be considered as potential resources for future reports, send details to
  • Become a member and help us continue to deliver news and resource information that assists nonprofits in strengthening their operations, programs and impact.
  • If you’re not already following us on social media, please do. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

As a voice of INPREE, Philanthropy Journal reflects the Institute’s mission to enhance the capacity and leadership of nonprofit organizations through research, education and engagement.  This makes us a perfect fit for the Hunt Library’s vision of serving as a dynamic environment that brings diverse people and disciplines together to strengthen relationships and build new, nontraditional partnerships.

Additionally, given that PJ currently is housed windowless offices, we don’t mind admitting that the view from this iconic, LEED-certified facility is positively inspiring.

Philanthropy Journal welcomes the opportunity to be part of the vibrant Centennial Campus community. Join the celebration by letting us know how we’re doing, and how we can better serve the needs and interests of nonprofits.


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