How social media can help you get hired

By Ayesha Sajid

“You are known by the company you keep” has evolved into “you are known by the content you share on social media.”

That is how things change when your profiles on social networks begin to talk about you as people, potential candidates and valuable resources. Your social media presence speaks volumes about what you like to do with your time. 

We all know that people still ask other people about potential candidates and run checks on where they have been and what kind of people they have worked with. But now more than ever – employers turn to social media to see a glimpse of your activity on career portals and social networks. And that is where the opportunity lies.

So it’s true – social media offers information, exposure and opportunities but it also reflects on you directly.

Because of this – the need to keep your social media activity resourceful, productive and healthy has become a necessity today.

On the other hand, a bad profile – or – one that may not reflect the person that you really are is a big no-no. If your perception is being built by a few bad jokes, you are spoiling your chances with potential employers. 

While there is no hard and fast rule for what works with employers, there are some general guidelines that can definitely help you avert a social media disaster. 

Here are a few tips that might help you get your profile noticed and even stand out.  

Write up a coherent, simple to understand profile on your career portals. Read it out to yourself and see if by reading it you would like to hire yourself.

Make your profile history comprehensive but simple to understand. Most employers are not interested in nitty gritty details. What they want to know is – what you can do and how you do it well.

Mention achievements in your job roles. Big ones. The ones that made a difference to the company over all. “I did good at my job” is not an achievement. Tell them how you generated more sales, improved a critical process and added value. 

Monitor your social media activity closely. Do not allow yourself to be tagged in photographs that are easily searchable and have you looking your worst. Share family spirit and teamwork through photographs on your social networks. 

Share your education, current job, position and website affiliations on social networks. It gives employers a chance to see that you take pride in what you do.

Avoid profanityfoul language and cursing on social media. It can show up in feeds and can be damaging to the hiring process.

Engage in research projects and share details of those on your profiles. Make it as present as possible on your social networks.

If you volunteer towards communities, make sure people get to know about it. Employers soften up when they find out you have a soft spot too.

Do not be silent on social media networks. Do not be a lurker. Post updates, resources, take part in discussions. Get active.

Tell the same story about yourself on all social networks. Be honest. Be authentic and reliable. If that is the perception employers receive about you, they are more than likely to give you a call.

Get recommendations from well reputed people in your circles. A recommendation from someone people do not like can damage your reputation as well. 

Reflect your thought process in the way you communicate with others on social media. Appreciation, a positive attitude and respect on social media networks are all good ways to build a positive perception.

Make these pointers a part of your social media routine and you will see a difference in the way employers review you. 

 This post was first featured on The Social Media and the Effect on Recruitment infographic was produced by Intricate.

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