Philanthropy Journal goes on hiatus seeks input

Dear Philanthropy Journal Readers,

As North Carolina State University’s fall semester winds down, so will our routine publication of the Philanthropy Journal Newsletter and update of our website. After publishing our December 16 newsletter and updating our website and Inside Philanthropy blog on December 19, PJ will go on hiatus.

Like many of the nonprofits that PJ reports on and provides resources to, we need to periodically review and align our mission, methods, and resources to ensure they are appropriate and relevant to the needs of our stakeholders. We will take this time to review our business model to better articulate our value proposition; what is it that setsPJ apart from other philanthropy news outlets and resource providers? If you would like to share your ideas, please take this short survey.

As we enter this exciting period of review and renewal, we look forward to strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones. While our communications may go silent for a bit, it does not mean we have forgotten you, our faithful readers and supporters. We look forward to emerging from this process better able to provide you with the information and services that promote and strengthen the nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

In the meantime, please continue to send us your job listings; we will continue updating our jobs board. If you are advertising for nonprofit positions in North Carolina, please consider advertising with the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

Warmest regards,

Richard Clerkin
Interim Executive Director, Institute for Nonprofit Research, Education and Engagement

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