8 Go-To PR Resources for Nonprofits

Special to the Philanthropy Journal

By Karen Cook

Looking for quick tips on how to create an effective content strategy? Need to know the latest marketing trends to gear up for 2018? Are you looking for an editorial calendar template and need it now?

Whether you’re a savvy pr strategist or new and trying to navigate social media, email marketing, media relations and more, there are many amazing and free resources geared specifically toward nonprofits. Here are a few favorites with practical tips, templates and how-to articles to add to your favorites tab.

  1. Ragan’s PR Daily – This well-established resource has been around for more than three decades and is a one-stop-shop for news on PR, marketing and social media. Don’t miss articles such as 10 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018. Wondering why your email marketing isn’t getting the open rates you want? Read 6 email marketing mistakes that can crush your efforts. Sign up for the PR Daily News Feed or follow on social media. They also publish specialized newsletters for health care and HR.
  2. Nonprofit Tech for Good – With more than one million followers on social networks, Nonprofit Tech for Good is a leading social and mobile media resource for nonprofits, charities and NGOs. They make all things digital easy to understand for non-techies. Be in the know and impress your boss or board chair by reading this newly released report on 12 Demographic & Technology Trends Changing the Nonprofit Sector Worldwide.
  3. TechSoup – Not only can nonprofits get discounted prices on software, but TechSoup has a vast resource library of how-to articles, a blog and free webinars for nonprofits and libraries. Articles range from SEO and email marketing to content strategy, such as 5 Steps to an Effective Content Strategy for Your Nonprofit.
  4. Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide – Kivi Leroux Miller, a nationally-recognized speaker and author, publishes a nonprofit communications blog that covers everything from media relations to annual reports. On Fridays she publishes Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators, full of resources on fundraising, social media, marketing and more.
  5. Some of the best resources on social media are from companies that sell social media management platforms. Sure, they want you to sign up for free and become a customer, but they all provide valuable material and free templates. This article from Buffer on timely FB posting strategies offers step-by-step strategies. Other companies with great blogs, newsletters and templates include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Classy and Co-Schedule. Yes, they want you to purchase their software, but they also share free valuable tips and how-to’s.
  6. Big Duck is an agency based in New York that specializes in nonprofits. Founder Sarah Durham is well-known in the nonprofit world, and is the author of the book Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility and Money Through Smart Communications. Big Duck’s blog is full of lessons, insights and a round-up of even more resources. Having trouble defining marketing for your nonprofit? Tune into this interview with Sarah on What the Heck is Marketing, Anyway? from Joan Garry’s Nonprofits are Messy podcast.
  7. PR pros know about this – The Public Relations Society of America. Their website is another great resource, even if you are not a member. They feature case studies from award-winning programs and campaigns, and the resource library includes articles on everything from crisis management to social media metrics. For example, this is a great list of Apps for Communicators. With a paid membership, you get get access to webinars featuring seasoned PR experts like Michael Smart and Anne Wylie that are free to members (valued at $200 for non-members). PRSA offers a nonprofit section with resources and opportunities to connect with other nonprofit communicators.
  8. This list would not be complete without the Philanthropy Journal! PJ serves as a free platform for nonprofits and their supporters to be reflective, think critically, and share their stories in order to build a stronger, more courageous sector. Help spread the word and let your nonprofit colleagues, managers and board members know about the nonprofit news, job listings and great resources articles available through the Philanthropy Journal.

Last tip: How to Save all These Awesome Links

So how does a busy nonprofit professional keep track of all these amazing resources? Put ‘em in Pocket, a free app that allows you to save articles, videos and more for later viewing. You can tag your content by category, and access on any device for future reading. It’s a quick and easy way to save anything you find online and want to save for future reference.

Karen Cook has been helping nonprofits achieve their marketing and communications goals for more than 25 years. She has held communications management positions for nonprofits both large and small, ranging from a community health center to a global NGO. As a communications consultant based in Raleigh, she currently manages community engagement for The Green Chair Project and is developing a marketing and communications strategy for a nonprofit start-up, NeighborHealth Center.


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  1. Joanna Laznicka says:

    I would add NonprofitInformation.com to the list above

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