Sep 11, 2017

Hacking Nonprofit Collaboration

Nine considerations for nonprofits looking to maximize social impact through collaboration.

Sep 11, 2017

How to Manage Rapid Growth

When you’re successful, you still need to adapt and change. St. Baldrick's Foundation's Kathleen Ruddy shares lessons learned from managing rapid growth.

Sep 11, 2017

Self-Care: The Magic Solution to Combating Burnout?

Self-care is not a fad sweeping the nation, but a theory that has the ability to increase the endurance of nonprofit practitioners. It is a valuable and necessary part of the nonprofit sector and has the ability to create organizations that are more determined and more successful in serving the wider world.

Sep 5, 2017

Doing What Needs to be Done

In doing what needs to be done, challenges may occur. The North American Butterfly Association will not give up and will not stop fighting to conserve butterfly life.

Sep 5, 2017

Using Entrepreneurial Philanthropy to Save Elephants

Securing individual donations is always difficult to sustain and people feel overwhelmed, not knowing which organizations to choose. Elephant Cooperation develops business partnerships that could generate funding to support NGOs in line with their organizational goals.

Sep 5, 2017

Connecting With Your Audience

For all nonprofits, it’s important that you can connect with and expand your audience. With excellent communication skills between audiences, the Dolphin Communication Project hopes to inspire others to become passionate about dolphins and how they can help to preserve their lives.

Sep 5, 2017

How to Do It All and Survive: Lessons on Saving Cats and a Community

SAFE Haven works every day towards its goal of ending cat homelessness. No matter what your organization strives to make better in this world and as overwhelming as it may seem, it is possible to do it all!

Sep 4, 2017

Why Systemic Reform Should Matter to Donors

System reform should matter to donors. The results may not be seen immediately, but that makes the efforts even more necessary.

Aug 28, 2017

Community Foundations and their Role in Philanthropy

Community foundations lead the way by getting things done. Foundation For The Carolinas' President and CEO Michael Marsicano explains how.

Aug 28, 2017

When Cultivating Positive Relationships, Don’t Forget Your Auditor

Auditing is always a stressful time for nonprofit employees and board members, but if you strive for an open, communicative relationship with your CPA, you just might find a lasting ally dedicated to ensuring your organization’s mission is achieved.