Science and Technology

Sep 4, 2019

Ep 35: Trust in the Age of Disbelieving

What do a science foundation and an art museum have in common? This week, we pair Adam Falk, president of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, with Adam Weinberg, the Alice Pratt Brown Director of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Last year, the Sloan Foundation granted $100,000 to the Whitney for a exhibition exploring the intersection of art and science over the last 50 years. In this episode, the two Adams talk about the importance of partnerships like this one, how to increase trust in both art and science, and how the public interacts with it.

Aug 12, 2019

How to Resolve Your Nonprofit’s Next Wicked Problem

What can nonprofits learn from makers and user-centered design? Dr. Pam Davis, founder of Wellbotics, shows how using analytical strategies pulled from the design sector can help nonprofits follow a clear process towards tackling complex and nuanced issues in any field.

Feb 4, 2019

Survivor Centered, Survivor Focused

We are focused on communities, on organizations, and on individuals. We’ve had the most success when we return to our northern star—working in service of our goal of survivor-centered service.

Feb 4, 2019

Design Thinking in the Nonprofit World

Nonprofits are, by their very nature, required to be creative in their efficiency and operational approaches. Design Thinking is a strong tool to enable this at little cost.

Feb 4, 2019

How Higher Education Can Close the Technology Skills Gap

Higher education is well positioned to close the technology skills gap, if both students and schools take the proper steps to adequately position themselves to reflect the job market. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology's Dr. Aisha Francis shares some effective strategies they have implemented to address this issue.

Feb 4, 2019

Following the Siren’s Song

Sirenian International speaks for the manatees (and dugongs).

Feb 4, 2019

Of Cat Videos and Adorable Toddlers

Developing a polished, professional presence on the Internet can be a time-consuming, technically demanding, frustrating undertaking. This is where Atlanta-based 48in48 comes into play.

Dec 5, 2016

Don’t Be Shy – Develop It

Girl Develop It provides affordable and judgment-free opportunities for adult women interested in learning web and software development through accessible in-person programs. Through affordable classes, GDI remains true to their mission of helping women of diverse backgrounds achieve their technology goals and build confidence.

Dec 5, 2016

The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers: Mentoring the Next Generation of Programming

The LEAGUE of Amazing Programmers is a 501c(3) non-profit programming school with the mission of igniting young minds through programming. The LEAGUE has learned that a unique mentorship model is the key to achieving their larger goal of preparing students for science and technology careers of the 21st century.

Dec 5, 2016

Supporting the Next Generation of Technology Pioneers

4-H, the nation’s largest youth development organization, grows confident young people who are empowered for life today and prepared for career tomorrow.