Youth Development

Jun 6, 2016

Transforming the Future of Homeless and At-Risk Youth

A deeply innovative organization, New Avenues looks for ways to evolve and improve its approach to ending youth homelessness. While many see poverty existing in a cyclical fashion, New Avenues thinks they can change the trajectory of the next generation.

Jun 6, 2016

Making Change by Changing the Story

Brown University seniors and New York City natives Khary Lazarre-White and Jason Warwin founded Bro/Sis in 1995. The organization provides comprehensive, long-term support to New York City youth, ages eight to twenty-two with services such as an intensive four-six year Rites of Passage program, five-day a week after-school care, counseling, summer camp, job training, college preparation, employment opportunities and international study programs in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Bro/Sis's evidence-based model is built on a theory of change that proves that a personal narrative can help overcome the lowest of odds.

Jun 6, 2016

Building Brighter Futures Through Community

For low-income children, a college education is often the ticket to a better life. However, bridging the gap between under-resourced children and their wealthier counterparts involves community work over a period of time. For 25 years, Breakthrough Miami, a nonprofit dedicated to underserved youth in Miami-Dade County, has helped create and support future leaders.

Jun 6, 2016

Afterschool Development Takes Center Stage: A New Approach to Engaging Poverty and Youth Development

It is critical that afterschool time is dedicated to re-initiating and re-invigorating human growth and development in young people’s lives — most especially in the lives of youth growing up in impoverished and underserved communities, where opportunities for growth are scarce.

Jun 6, 2016

Creative Mentors Empowering Kids to Succeed

As mentors find new ways to reach youth, creativity becomes essential in their programming and curriculum to engage with the changing environment and acknowledge the voices of those they impact. Former art director Sue Crolick merged creativity and mentorship together to form Art Buddies, a nonprofit aimed at pairing underprivileged youth with creative mentors to inspire transformative art.

Jun 6, 2016

Success Takes Persistence

Starting a non-profit can be difficult, even in your home country where you understand the customs and language, know how to mail things, and know where offices are located. But in a different country where you don’t speak the language well or understand the cultural nuances, it takes persistence.

May 20, 2013

Surf charity helps at-risk youth build confidence, one wave at a time

Wilmington, N.C.-based Indo Jax Surf Charities provides camp experiences to help at-risk youth around the world build self-esteem and overcome challenges. A series of programs for differently abled youth is being offered this summer in Wrightsville Beach.

Apr 2, 2013

Harnessing the Power of Youth for Your Nonprofit

Engaging and involving young people is a great way to energize any nonprofit organization. If you and your board are concerned with sustainability, organizational vitality, and the long-term success of your goals, you should invite young people to join your projects.

Jan 22, 2013

Building a Healthier Future Summit

The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), which works with honorary chair First Lady Michelle Obama and the private sector to end the childhood obesity epidemic within a generation, is convening its second national summit. This three-day conference will bring together philanthropic, government, academia and private sector leaders to discuss real solutions to ending America's childhood obesity crisis.

Apr 5, 2011

Triangle YMCA raises most ever

YMCA of the Triangle raised just over $4 million in its annual campaign, and also received a $200,000 gift from the SAS Championship.